Richard Felton Edit

  • "Do you believe in God, Ms?"
  • "This is the kind of fairy tales I prefer at my age."
  • "Why there's so much life in such small but lethal creatures? An arbiter, that's all we need."
  • "Old McDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O, and on his farm he had a sickle, E-I-E-I-O..."
  • "Somethings die and stay dead forever, other things die and just linger in time."
  • "I need to to take my pills..."

Jennifer Felton Edit

  • "I'm Jennifer, Dr. Reed. Pleased to meet you."
  • "I hope you'll forgive me for before, but you mustn't touch my things."
  • "Let's play again, Dr. Reed!"
  • "Did you know that is full of butterflies? This is a butterflies' house."
  • "You're all united against me! You, Felton, and that Nun!"
  • "There's a red nun around here. Don't trust her. She wants me to disappear."
  • "Somedays when my thoughts are clear I can even recognize which are my pictures and which ones are my daughter's."