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Richard Felton 2D Beta

Richard in the 2D version of Remothered

When Remothered first began, Felton appeared in the 2009 version of the 2D project. He had a very macabre and dark appearance, with a disfigured face and lips sewn shut because he knew many secrets of the Baroni mansion and the mysteries that surround it, wearing a gardener's outfit. Rude, fast and armed with a rake, he was apparently a subordinate of Madame Svenska, the housekeeper of the Baroni family in the original concept version.

In 2015, most of Richard's story had change and went from a supporting character to one of the main characters in Remothered: Tormented Fathers. His appearence has change to a sick, ederly man, and his backstory tells that he was a former notary, married, and an adoptive father. He still retains his gardener and stalker status, with his rake now replaced with a sickle and his outfit is reduced to just a gardener's apron, gloves and boots, and his fast movements was replaced with brute strength.