"LET'S PLAY AGAIN DR. REED!" - Jennifer to Rosemary
Jennifer Richardine Felton is the original identity of Richard, a split personality that was cause by her father's abusive upbringing.

Biography Edit

Jennifer is the alter ego as well as the original identity of Richard Felton, born from the phenoxyl-induced mesmerism sessions that she had to endure. That caused Richard to remain the dominant personality, as Jennifer was suppressed for most of her life. Watching Celeste growing up triggered Richard's memories, reminding him of everything his father didn't let him to be, and caused Jennifer's reawakening.

Jennifer was first seen in a photograph Rosemary assumed to be of a young Celeste. She's properly introduced after the appearance of the Red Nun caused horror-struck Richard to run away, allowing Jennifer to take control. She then retreats to the loft, where Rosemary spotted her hiding among the mannequins. After Rosemary takes the picture of Arianna and Celeste, angered Jennifer chases her, causing Rosemary to trip and fall down from the loft.

Jennifer then takes Rosemary into the room where the Red Nun can't find her. After Rosemary wakes up, Jennifer notes how Rosemary looks like the wanted woman from the TV report. She also warns Rosemary about not touching her things and gives her a hint about the door behind the fireplace, where she can find what she's looking for. It enrages Jennifer when Rosemary takes the batteries from her remote control and she attacks her with a hammer.

At the wine cellar Rosemary finds Jennifer's wall of memories along with her medical documents, where she realises the truth about her real identity. Jennifer then appears and chases Rosemary with a nail gun.

Later when Rosemary tries to escape after being drugged by Gloria, Jennifer re-appears and knocks her out. They are both taken by Gloria to a mesmerism session, where Jennifer as Richard questions Rosemary's real motives. In a dream-like sequence Jennifer is seen swinging while slowly fading away in the distance. As both personalities slowly start to merge, Richard regains the memories of his childhood and Jennifer calls Celeste "my daughter." Unfortunately, angered Gloria interferes and cuts off Jennifer's tongue. She then convinces Jennifer/Richard to burn down the house with Rosemary in it. Rosemary then manages to free herself and sets Jennifer on fire. When Rosemary wakes up, she sees Jennifer's burnt body and contemplates her tragic fate, blaming Jennifer's father for ruining his daughter's life.

Personality Edit

Sweet jennifer

Jennifer as a little girl.

Jennifer used to be a cheerful little girl and a talented gardener, as she won an award for best roses when she was only nine. Her passion for gardening was carried out by her alter ego Richard.

Despite being in her 50s, Jennifer speaks in an unusually young feminine voice resembling Celeste's. She seems to be mentally stuck in her childhood years, as she calls for her parents as if they were alive. She seems to be aware of her alter ego's actions, as she recognizes Rosemary and is able to answer her questions about the door Richard hid. She refers to her other personality as "Richard" or "Felton". She is somewhat protective of him, unlike Richard, who hates Jennifer saying "she should have never been born."

Jennifer appears to be extremely possessive of her belongings, as Rosemary finds out when she touches a photograph that belongs to her. Jennifer seems to still have sanity left when she apologized to Rosemary about her behavior, but she quickly becomes hostile if Rosemary takes something from her or tries to attack her.

Jennifer is heard crying while looking at herself in the mirror. She uses lipstick to make herself look more feminine and wears a wig that covers her face completely. It is implied she hates looking at her face, as it reminds her she's not the girl she once was.

Jennifer mistakes the photographs of Celeste for old pictures of herself. During the final mesmerism session she tells Rosemary she hopes she will be able to tell them apart someday.

Jennifer has a deep hatred for the Red Nun and is terrified of her. According to her, the Red Nun turned Richard against her, as she was responsible for his mesmerism sessions. She doesn't seem to be aware of her real identity, as she speaks fondly of Gloria and calls her "nice."

Trivia Edit

  • One of her lines introduces her "I'm Jennifer, Dr. Reed. Pleased to meet you."
  • One of Jennifer's lines seems to be a reference to Dan Barrows' line "Let's play again Jennifer!".
  • Just like Richard, Jennifer can be heard humming Top of the World (Two hearts never lonely) when she chases Rosemary. The significance of this song is unknown at the time.
  • Jennifer/Richard has a similarity with Alyssa Hale and her male alter-ego Bates from Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within, as both characters were abused by insane fathers and suffer from a split personality disorder.
  • Jennifer and Celeste are both voiced by Olivia Steele.

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