"The events of the game's story are linked to fall tragic of Arianna Felton, Richard's wife who has apparently been in a catatonic state since Celeste's disappearance, as well as Dr. Felton's own terrifying past, the anguishing loss of his adopted daughter who became the only thing in Felton's life that gave him a reason to live, but also became his nightmare and torment. Rosemary's investigation will bring her to believe that the girl's disappearance is a cover up for something terrible, some kind of massacre. She begins to discover that and a group of cloistered nuns in red and a long dead cult called Cristo Morente could hold the key to finding out what happened to Celeste and finding answers about Jennifer.[1]"


Prologue Edit

Madame Svenska from behind
The game opens with a flash forward sequence between an elderly Madame Svenska and journalist Mr Manni who is not shown throughout the scene. The man begins to talk about an illness that has the ability to accelerate the healing process of the body, such as thickening the bones and regenerating tissue due to the proliferation of moths making a nest inside the human body where they feed and multiply.
Truth about her name
It is revealed that "Svenska" is not her real name. The name came from her time living in Sweden for the past 30 years. She talks without stories of her true identity; it is only from old age that she finally answers the questions of her childhood.

Madame Svenska returns to Italy having forgotten the reason why, but promised to remember.

The Arrival Edit

Rosemary smoking
Rosemary Reed, a mysterious 35 year old woman sits in her white van, smoking a cigarette in front of the playground near the Felton's residence. The same playground where the Felton's daughter, Celeste Felton, disappeared out of the blue in October of 1971. Celeste and her story became a news topic for the following two years.
Celeste missing poster
With Ms.Reed, are medical files from the Santa Margherita Institute about a patient named Richard Felton, who is affected by the disease that gotten worse with age, to the point he retired from his Nortial career.
Rosemary at the gate
Reaching the Felton manor, Ms. Reed rings the doorbell and is answered by a woman over the intercom, Reed introduces herself as a doctor from the Santa Margherita Institute, where Dr. Felton was treated for a mysterious and debilitating condition. The voice woman over the intercom briskly replies that Dr. Felton is no longer a patient and hangs up.
Screenshot 20180205-032102

Sneaking inside through the half open gate, Rosemary enters the property and reaches to the main door of the villa, where she is greeted by a Gloria, Dr. Felton's quiet nurse, who shows no interest as Rosemary introduces herself as a representative of Santa Margherita Institute. In spite of that, as Rosemary unveils her intention to look in to the man's illness. Gloria invites her in and apologizes for the poor lighting. Dr. Felton's illness, as it turns out, caused him to be visually impaired and forced him to live in the darkness.

Disappearance Edit

Gloria escorts Rosemary
Gloria escorts Rosemary to Dr. Felton study, rather inclined to disclose unknown details about the man's private life and the quite cold he has with his wife Arianna Felton. Gloria, who looks after Dr. Felton from noon to 8pm, describes Arianna as a reserved, isolated person spending her time in her bedroom, always listening to the same music on the record player.
RossoGallo article
As she waits for Richard in his study, she begins to snoop around his office. She finds a newspaper article in his desk about the RossoGallo farm and it's involvent with Albert Elias Wyman. The article mention about a massive recall of Phenoxyl that occured due to its dangerous side effects, after the contamination of the Ashmann's children and the 12 sisters of a nearby monastery, the wealthy Ashmanns alerted the public about the contamination, and RossoGallo came under intense scrutiny, resulting in the farm being closed on October 2nd, 1971 by authorities.
Wyman's picture in the newspaper (close up)
Mr. Felton publicly lied and accused Wyman, Wyman threatened Mr. Felton by exposing him that he personally funded Wyman just like his father, and oversaw the project. Wyman was then by the Ashamanns for using the company to spread the parasitosi. was retired from his prestigious medicine award and removed from the Order of Physicians. Behind the newspaper, there was a threating message from an unknown source, probably from Wyman to Felton, which also involved his daughter.
Painting in Felton's study
After reading the article, Reed sees a painting of a young woman with demonic hands from above and becomes deeply invested in it. She is interrupted by Richard who walks and begins talking about religion. Returning to the subject at the matter, Richard begins talking to Dr. Reed about how he contracted the disease in '58 after a trip from Egypt, and how the institute left him to die which caused him to leave. She then mentions about his overdose of Phenoxyl which was recalled in the mid-1960s, moving on, she mentions that the beneficiary is his wife Arianna Gallo, who takes care of Richard when Gloria is off. The conversation begins to tense up when she mentions his daughter Celeste, asking that she was adopted and her disappearance. She then brings about Albert Wyman who was a potential suspect but Felton denies the claim since they found no evidence to suggest a kidnapping and the Felton's never received a ransom. Both the police and Felton claimed that she intentionally left.
The nickname
Dr. Reed brings up the name "Jennifer" which surprises Richard and takes out a picture of Celeste with ''My sweet Jennifer" inscribed on the back. Richard becomes angry and demands Reed who she really is and what is her intention in coming here, accused of threatening Richard. The woman retaliates that she should go speak to his wife instead, in response from Richard that she's not home, but the music begins playing suggesting that she is, like Gloria mentioned.
Rosemary' cover is blown
Gloria barges in informing Mr. Felton that she talked to the director of the institute over the phone and the institute had never heard of "Dr. Reed". Richard convinced, asks Rosemary to leave his property without answering her question about what happened to Celeste.
Rosemary gathers her belongings and is escorted by Gloria. Before leaving, Rosemary turns back to Richard, who is looking at the picture of the little girl, one last time before Gloria shuts the door.

At the front door, Gloria scolds Ms. Reed that she used the Feltons' personal lives for her own gain. To Reed's response, she says that there was a motiviation behind Celeste's disappearance to which it threatened her life and and walks off the property.

Rosemary believes that Dr. Felton and his wife Arianna, knows the truth about the disappearance of their daughter and her nickname, the terrifying dread now begins.

Nightmare Edit

Gloria's shift ends
It was a little after 8 o' clock in the evening, Gloria has just finished her daily shift at Felton's house. She looks around and, unaware of Rosemary's presence not too far away, leaves the house keys by the small altar next to one of the gate pillars. Rosemary does not think twice, she grabs the keys and sneaks into the house. As she hears music playing on the background, she remembers Gloria telling her about Mrs. Felton's obsession with the record player. Rosemary quickly realizes if she wants to know the truth about Celeste's disappearence, she needs to face Dr. Felton's wife.
Celeste body
The music draws her to a particular room in search of Richard's wife, but instead discovers an unidentifiable mummified corpse. Rosemary's commotion over the discovery of the mummy draws the attention of Dr. Felton, forcing her to conceal herself. From her hiding spot she sees a deranged Richard Felton conversing with the corpse. The ex-notary now roams the halls armed with a sickle searching for the intruder, it is at this moment that Rosemary realises she has entered a deadly game of cat and mouse.
Early Access Game Screenshot - 05
Managing to avoid detection, Rosemary comes across a film depicting Richard during a hypnosis session under the influence of the drug Phenoxyl. It is in this session that Felton revealse that Celeste had in fact returned to the Villa after her disappearance, but that she had changed somehow, that she was now Jennifer.

Before Rosemary gets to the end of the video, Richard aggresses her fron behind, tying a catchpole loop around her neck and hanging her against the wall. Richard burns the film and keeps pleading his innocence, Celeste simply ran away and never came back. Rosemary provokes him and does not bend, he never touched his daughter for she was the only bond between him and his wife.

Early Access Game Screenshot - 03
Their marriage was arranged by their parents, in fact, what Felton did was protecting Celeste from real threats. The he tells her about an afternoon when someone knocked at the door, the "she" was. "But it wasn't Celeste, it was Jennifer." So Felton, obeying and kneeling obsequiously be for a mysterious figure that promises to free him from his torment, goes into the girl's bedroom and kills her.

Rosemary is shocked, she can not and does not want to believe what she hears, but Felton reminds her of the body in the bedroom, saying he has no choice.

Then the old notary unveils a painting kept upright the desk, depicting a red-dressed nun, before which he devotly bows. Rosemary uses the opportunity and manages to free herself from the loop but, right before she gets to the studio doors, she is assaulted by the same nun portrayed in the painting, swarming with moths and speaking with a hoarse and broken voice, calling her "Sister".
Red nun entry

References Edit

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