Remothered: Chapter 2


Darril Arts, Stormind Games


Darril Arts

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PC, PlayStation 4

Remothered: Chapter 2 is a third person horror game, and the second chapter of Chris Darril's long-awaited Remothered trilogy. It is being developed as a joint project between Darril Arts and Stormind Games

The series is written and directed as the "REAL answer to survival horror genre".

Gameplay Edit

Remothered: Chapter 2 is a third-person 3D horror game where the player takes control of the protagonist as they explore a seamless environment. Like in the previous game, they must solve the mystery while escaping the clutches of a relentless killers who stalk them throughout the entire storygame.

The "Stalker" is a slasher-style villain in the vein of classic horror antagonists from games such as Clock Tower,Haunting Ground and Rule of Rose. If the stalkers repeatedly hit the player, they become seriously injured and, once caught by the Stalker, they go into a defense mode where they can use a quick defense item (a QDI) during which time the player will need to complete a quick-time event to escape the killer's grasp.

Development Edit

Chapter 2 was announced as part of the Remothered Trilogy in 2016. In January of 2017, concept arts of the second game began to surface on the director's personal twitter with the hashtag 'GoingPorcelain'.

Music Edit

It is unknown if the same composers will create the soundtrack for Chapter 2

Sequel Edit

A third game in the series was announced along with the first and second, making Remothered a trilogy. Both sequels are planned to be developed after the release of Tormented Fathers.

Influence Edit

Chris Darril has stated that much of his inspiration for Remothered comes from Polanski's cinematography, as well as Stephen King's books. He has also been inspired by games such as Haunting Ground, Rule of Rose, Silent Hill, and Alien: Isolation and classic horror films such as Silence of the Lambs and Rosemary's Baby

Cast and Characters Edit