"Your human shape, your breast, your stomach, your vanity; they are all the fruit of the demon!" - The Red Nun to Rosemary
Red Nun is an antagonist in Remothered: Tormented Fathers.

Biography Edit

Belonging to a very small group of cloistered nuns, the Red Nun appears as a threatening figure in red surrounded by moths and armed with a dangerous spear. She is probably the only survivor of a terrifying fire, which destroyed the cloister of Cristo Morente.

As her moniker suggests, she is dressed in a blood red habit with a matching embroidered outer robe with wide, billowing sleeves. The only non-red parts of her habit are the white wimple, guimpe and coif which cover her neck, shoulders, head and seemingly the upper half of her face. On her head is a huge, elaborate cornette that has many red threads hanging around its rectangular circumference and aids in obscuring her face. The order she belongs to chose the colour red to underline the sinful nature of women.

The Red Nun is an utterly dangerous enemy, possibly even more so than Richard Felton. She is accompanied by moths that seem to obey her will and she is always equipped with a spear fashioned from a stiffened, sharpened human spinal cord that bears a passing resemblance to a caduceus. There is evidence of her possessing telekinetic abilities, as lights flicker and electronics act up when in her presence. When the Red Nun speaks, her voice is heard to sound very raspy, hoarse and menacing, possibly as a result of damage to her lungs and vocal cords due to smoke inhalation from the Cristo Morente convent fire.

Behind this terrifying figure is a person made of flesh and bones, but a definite fanatic completely devoted to her mysterious and sinister goals. The Red Nun is apparently very manipulative - a puppet master, as Richard reveals it was she who convinced him that Jennifer was to blame for his pain and disease, which thus led to him murdering her in her sleep.

Development Edit

Red Nun was first introduced in 2012, along with several other characters. Originally, the nun had a deep red robe and her weapon of choice were a pair of scissors.

However, as Remothered developed, her design was tweaked, her scissors are replaced with a spear and her robe was given more details.

Trivia Edit

  • Her red-colored robe is symbolic to the color of blood. As well as carnality and fertility at the same time.  
  • The Red Nun is the most representative and symbolic character of the entire saga. 
  • The Red Nun can be considered the antithesis of the religious figure the Virgin Mary. 
  • The name of the cloister the Red Nun belonged to, Cristo Morente, is Italian for Dying Christ".
  • The Red Nun outfit was strongly inspired by the work by the late Japanese costume designer Eiko Ishioka, especially in the 2006 film The Fall.

    The costume that inspired the Red Nun.

  • The Red Nun was originally going to be the main stalker in the intended sequel of the original Remothered, Grave Torments, but became the main one in the final version.
  • The Red Nun's origins could possibly be a reference to one of Chris Darril's early works; an uncompleted horror game titled Blood Repentance in 2004/2005. Since then, the game is considered lost.

Gallery Edit

See: Red Nun gallery

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