"LET'S PLAY AGAIN DR. REED!" - Jennifer to Rosemary

Jennifer is an antagonist in Remothered: Tormented Fathers and also a stalker.

Biography Edit

Jennifer seems to be the alter ego of Celeste Felton, born from the phenoxyl-induced mesmerism sessions that she had to endure.

She first appears as a mummified corpse lying in the Felton's bedroom. After the appearance of the Red Nun, she awakens and retreats to the attic when Rosemary spotted her.

After Rosemary finds her way up into the loft, she finds a picture at the end of the room where it shows that there was once a door somewhere in the villa, Jennifer walks up behind her and disappears after Rosemary turns around. Before making her way out, Jennifer ambushes her by hiding among the mannequins, causing Rosemary to trip and fall down from the attic.

Jennifer takes Rosemary into room where the Red Nun can't find her, after Rosemary wakes up, she questions Jennifer what happened to the door in the picture, in response that "Richard made it disappear", and what lies behind the fireplace is where Rosemary can "find what she's looking for".

Personality Edit

Jennifer appears to be extremely possessive of her belongings, as Rosemary finds out when she touches a photograph that belongs to her.

Jennifer seems to still have sanity left when she apologized to Rosemary about her behavior from before and was able to answer her questions, but she becomes hostile towards Rosemary again when she took the battery from the remote.

Jennifer has a deep hatred for the Red Nun and is terrified of her.

Trivia Edit

  • One of her lines introduces her "I'm Jennifer, Dr. Reed. Pleased to meet you."
  • One of Jennifer's lines seems to be a reference to Dan Barrows' line "Let's play again Jennifer!".

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