Ms. Gloria is a supporting character in Remothered: Tormented Fathers.


Gloria is a woman working as a personal nurse for the sick ex-notary Richard Felton. A shy and dull woman nearing her forties, Gloria often has a faint and troubled appearance, and speaks in hushed tones, as if she knows some terrible truth that she is too fearful to speak of.

Personality Edit

Gloria is a very tidy individual, a real cleaning maniac, and scrupulously respects her working hours. She is very disenchanted with her seemingly empty life as she is not married and does not have any kids. But at the same time, she always claims she doesn't have enough time to do anything, but in reality she is rather slow when working.

She does not enjoy speaking about her past and states that her life has been pretty boring. She believes in God and Christianity has been fundamental in her education.

Gloria is rather gossipy as she candidly tells Rosemary about her work for the Feltons and briefly talks about the Feltons themselves. She also bluntly tells Rosemary in an almost catty manner that she should quit smoking as it is bad for her health and a very expensive habit.

Gloria probably knows the truth behind Dr. Felton's past as well as the reason behind Celeste's disappearance, and quite possibly the true nature of the mysterious Jennifer, but hides her knowledge because she fears the consequences of revealing it. Whatever is in Gloria's mind can be very hard to understand…

Trivia Edit

  • Gloria conducts Felton's mesmerism sessions and inquires about Jennifer. (Film Reel)
  • Gloria is likely responsible for the mesmerism sessions of Celeste and Arianna.
  • Gloria was not introduced in the original Remothered concept, but fans can speculate that her character and design was inspired by Madame Svenska, the housekeeper of the Baroni family.

Gallery Edit

See: Gloria gallery


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