"I promised we'd see each other again on top of the world" - Celeste in her recording

Celeste Felton is the adopted daughter of Richard Felton and Arianna Gallo, who ran away from home in the fall of 1971. She is a supporting character in Remothered: Tormented Fathers.


Due to being adopted at such a young age, nothing is known about Celeste's life before her adoption by the Feltons.

One afternoon, at around 4PM on Thursday October 14th, 1971, Celeste vanished out of the blue. She was last seen on a swing at a playground near to the Felton home wearing all white and her hair tressed into a single plait.

In the investigation, it was suspected that Albert Elias Wyman, one of Felton's ex business partners. but the police found no evidence to suggest a kidnapping and the Felton's never received a ransom. Both the police and Mr. Felton maintained that Celeste intentionally left. The story of her disappearance became a huge news topic in the two years that followed. The strange nature of her disappearance caused some to believe that the story of Celeste suddenly running away was a cover-up to hide something sinister.

Two years after she ran away, Celeste abruptly returned home, unknown to the police. After her return, Richard believed that she had changed somehow and was not the same person he knew. In his own words, "... it wasn't Celeste... it was Jennifer..."

For reasons that are as of yet unknown, Rosemary went to Felton Villa in search of Celeste, only to later discover that she had escaped a second time.

Felton claimed to have murdered Celeste in her sleep after being mesmerized by the Red Nun, but it was later revealed that it was his wife Arianna sleeping in Celeste's room that night.

Celeste's whereabouts after the events of Remothered: Tormented Fathers are unknown.