Brandon Fague (born March 22) is an American voice actor from Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. Fague first got his acting experience in a commercial for a college institute as an extra. On the side he would compete in various film challenges with friends. He soon moved into voice overs for videos games which he is most active in now.

Voice actingEdit

Brandon began his voice acting career in 2015 and his first known role was in a radio commerical ad for a company called Brand Irons.

Fague landed various voice over roles in video games such as Forgotton Anne, Home Sweet Home, Hollow, Ancestors Legacy, Tartarus followed by his well-known role as Adam Lazarski in cyber punk horror Observer, a game developed by Bloober Team.

Fague is confirmed to be the voice for Mr. Manni in Remothered: Tormented Fathers. [1]

Being new to the VO industry, Fague is currently involved in a lot of new stuff worth mentioning later this year when it comes out.


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