Arianna Felton (née Gallo) is the wife of Richard Felton and the adoptive mother of Celeste. Arianna is one of the supporting characters in Remothered: Tormented Fathers and one of the key characters who knows the truth of Celeste's disappearance.

Biography Edit

Before being wed to Richard, Arianna's maiden name was Gallo. The two were introduced by their parents, the resulting relationship being an arranged marriage that neither Richard nor Arianna were content with. After the adoption of their daughter Celeste, the two finally had something to bond over and their relationship became stronger for it. However, after Celeste's disappearance in 1971, Richard and Arianna were divided, leaving their marriage in a state of ruin.

After Rosemary was let inside the manor, she questioned Gloria about Arianna. Gloria mentions that she had met Mrs. Felton only a few times, noting that she is usually out or locked away in her room listening to the same song repeatedly. She sees the turmoil that Celeste's disappearance has caused, and the rift that it has created between them.

When Rosemary meets Dr. Felton, she notes that he still receives his disability pensions due to Arianna being the beneficiary, since she takes care of Mr. Felton when Gloria is off.

Richard revealed that their marriage was more of a business-type than love until Celeste came along and brought their marriage together.

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